When choosing a finance company it’s crucial to know who you’re dealing with.

When shopping for a loan, taking the time to identify a reliable finance company is the wisest decision you can make. A prospecting borrower should conduct a background check of the company to ascertain its credibility, reputation, the area of specialisation, types and nature of loans offered, experience as well as the quality of service.

By consistently providing quality service in the industry for over 10 years, East Bay Finance has secured its position as both, a dependable financial partner to our clients, and one of the better finance companies in New Zealand.


If Eastbay Finance are unable to provide Finance directly we can broker your needs to other financial institutes.

Your Financial consultant will inform you if your loan is with Eastbay Finance or if loan is being brokered to another financial institute. If your loan is brokered to another financial institute your financial consultant will confirm fees, interest rates and repayment amounts prior to your loan being drawn down. Rates and fees vary from Company to Company.

 Success comes down to having good systems,
having the right staff and offering competitive personalised
and flexible finance that creates loyal customers 

CEO Glen Hicks

It is this commitment and this success that sets us apart from other NZ finance companies.

Why choose East Bay Finance?

What Happens If You
Can’t Help Me?

If we are unable to secure an approval for you ourselves, we have access to third party trusted lenders who may be able to assist. Your Finance Consultant will advise you if your loan is with Eastbay Finance or if it is being brokered to another Lender. If your loan is brokered to another Lender, we will advise you of the fees, interest rate and payments prior to your loan being drawn down. These rates and fees vary from Company to Company but currently start at 15.95%.

This is what our valued customers have to say about us.

You’re in good company.
T Comber

“The East Bay Finance loan doesn’t overstretch me and there is some flexibility on repayments. Now I’m cruising around in my new car.”

T Comber, Palmerston North
E Fisher

“We got a great deal to cover all the bills. I also wiped the credit card clean by consolidating all our debt under one simple repayment scheme.”

E Fisher, Hawke’s Bay
J Harman

“I was more than satisfied with the repayment rate, and the trip was well worth it, which all made for a wonderful family experience.”

J Harman, New Plymouth

Ready to get started?

Our professional team of finance experts are highly trained and will provide the refinancing solution you need. For any queries, the customer care team can be reached by email or phone during normal working hours.