Twenty Questions

Actually, we’ve only got six. Here’s some of the most common things people ask and the simple answers we give them.

This will depend if the loan is secured or unsecured. Unsecured amounts will vary from lender to lender and for secured amounts we can lend up to $1 million.

The finance company will look at your income, your existing outgoings and work out what the regular payments will be. Or, if you’ve got all this information handy, you can use our online calculators to work it out now.

Sometimes the same day you apply. If not, probably the following day. Either way, it never takes long.

One, you can put your feet up while we do all the work. Simple.

Bringing all your debts (like hire purchases, credit cards, other loans) under one roof with one regular payment.

Don’t worry about it, phone us and have a chat. But generally if you have bad credit you will need security or a guarantor.

Be a believer

APPLY right here right NOW or call us to get your hands on the funds to fulfill your dreams, because through East Bay Finance borrowing has never been simpler.