Personal Loans

Personal Loans Made Easy

People come to East Bay Finance to get a personal loan for just about anything. From financing your next car to launching New Zealand’s first ever space probe, and everything in between, we will listen to you.

Looking for cash to help deal with short term and long term money issues?

  • debt consolidation

  • overdue bills

  • vehicle finance or repairs

  • home improvements

  • paying off your credit card

  • wedding, birthday or funeral

  • holidays and travel

  • moving costs / rental bonds

How much would you like to borrow?
Repayment Term:
36 months
60 months

Repayment amounts are based on a 15.95% interest rate and are indicative only. They exclude any brokerage, establishment, administration, waiver and insurance fees. These terms may not be available for your loan type. All loan quotes are subject to full application details and lenders conditions at the time of application.

Please read the Responsible Lending Guidelines for more details

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Our professional team of finance experts are highly trained and will provide the refinancing solution you need. For any queries, the customer care team can be reached by email or phone during normal working hours.