Wedding Loans

Doesn’t matter what time of the year it is, it’s always the season to get married – our wedding loans can make your special day memorable and something you’ll remember forever.

Probably the biggest day of your life that needs to be planned well and paid for, but often we don’t have enough saved up and wedding budgets do get blown out.

Wedding loans from East Bay Finance can help you top up your budget, secure the right venue, pay for caterers, wedding cars, flights for distant family members (and accommodation) and all the other things that add up. Let’s make your day unforgettable so it can be enjoyed by you, your loved one, friends and family – make it magical without all the stress.

Our wedding loans allow you the flexibility and freedom to have the wedding you so deserve, making your day truly memorable.

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Our professional team of finance experts are highly trained and will provide the refinancing solution you need. For any queries, the customer care team can be reached by email or phone during normal working hours.

How much would you like to borrow?
Repayment Term:
36 months
60 months

Repayment amounts are based on a 8.95% interest rate and are indicative only. They exclude any brokerage, establishment, administration, waiver and insurance fees. These terms may not be available for your loan type. All loan quotes are subject to full application details and lenders conditions at the time of application.

Please read the Responsible Lending Guidelines for more details


Cost of a Loan

We do not offer Short Term loans, all East Bay Finance Loans are for terms of six to sixty months with a fixed annual rate of interest. Our current interest rates start at 8.95% but may be as high as 39.95% depending on credit history, security offered and your overall credit profile. A typical $20,000.00 loan through East Bay Finance would be as follows:

  • Personal Loan Amount $20,000
  • Establishment Fee $440.00
  • Payments over 36 months
  • Interest rate from 8.95% including monthly
  • Admin fee of $15 per month
  • Repayments from $900.00 per month including (optional)payment waiver cover – subject to terms and conditions
  • Annual Percentage Rate 20.7%

This is only an example – please refer to our Fee tab for full disclosure.